On behalf of the Government (Pusdatin KESDM), PND owned the license to publish the Oil and Gas Data (Seismic data, well data, Sample and Core, report, etc.). The Licensing scheme:

  1. Licensing Package Data
    • An attempt of data licensing which is bundled in the form of geological and geophysical data which contains of well, seismic and other geological data that are still authentic. This data licensed through the  market mechanism, especially in the working area offerings (oil&gas/CBM) by the government. Either on the offer of regular working area or direct offer. At KSO (Joint Operation) pertamina to its territory also involves licensing of this data through the same mechanism.
  2. Licensing Partial Data
    • Parallel with package data services, we offers the opportunity to have data license partially as well as data package on certain area.
  3. Licencing Extension Data
    • Periodically extend the license to the customer data, considering teh age of the license is granted to certain customers.


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