The Company’s new logo consists of ‘logogram’ and ‘logotype’.



Basic idea of the logo is darts configuration facing in all directions, reflects that PND is Data Management Services Company which disseminates oil and gas information to all stakeholders or in other words PND is the gateway to energy investment in Indonesia. Configuration of darts creates the illusion of cube shape with stylized pixel digital field boundaries, giving meaning that sophisticated digital technology support ensures the accuracy of data interpretation that managed.

The color composition on the logogram represents Elnusa and Patra Nusa Data's characteristics and core values:
- Blue    : technology, modern and synergy.
- Red    : energy, spirit, respectful and professional.
- Green : humanist, environmentally friendly, clean and trustworthy.


The word of ‘PND’ as a logotype which is also a call name of Patra Nusa Data using adaptations of Bell Gothic Std Black font, giving the impression of a firm and secure (thick structure) and accurate (San Serif font structure and a systematic and measurable).


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