A reliable partner in energy data, information and knowledge management.


  • To benefit energy data users through an Integrated Data Management System that cover data storage, cataloging, value adding and promotion.
  • To empower national resources in energy data management.


1.     Professional

Reliable in the business community and the environment since it has a high expertise and passion in the field as well as make occupational health and safety as a top priority.

2.     Amanah (Trustworthy)

Having integrity, high commitment and reliable in carrying out every company’s business activities.

3.     Synergy

Be proactive in cooperating with customers, business partners, communities, employees, and shareholders.


Distinctive Achievement Through Trustworthy Alliance "DATA"


Indonesia Oil & Gas Data Management established in 1997 operated by PT. Patra Nusa Data (PND). It promotes petroleum investment that could attract more investors in the petroleum sector. Since it manages opportunities by compiling and value adding available petroleum data and information, high quality data has become more easily and quickly accessible.


  • To preserve national asset.
  • To provide a fast and easy access to high quality data.
  • To attract more investors in oil and gas sector through an 'open file' system.


  • To gather, to store, re-master & process (value adding), maintain National EP Data using international & industry standards in formats media and warehouse.
  • To establish Indonesia petroleum EP Metadata base.
  • To provide data review & access to data services.
  • To prepare and provide data packages for new Working Area offering.
  • To produce Indonesia Petroleum Working Area Map and Indonesia Cultural Data.
  • To help the industry in establishing integrated Petroleum EP Data Management and GIS based software applications
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