PT Patra Nusa Data prioritizes Quality, Health, Safety & Environment aspects in workplace. Our commitments are HSE is my culture. Steps and measures have been taken to ensure a safe and healthy environment in the company. Those efforts have been rewarded the ISO 9001:2008.

PT Patra Nusa Data declare the QHSE aspects such as :

  • it is the first priority in each activity;
  • it is the measure to assess the works and employee qualities;
  • it is the management and all employee responsibilities.

To achieve the maximum QHSE performance we will :

  1. Apply the health, safety and environmental standards in order to prevent injury or illness and environmental damage;
  2. Apply the exact technology and infrastructure, supporting the continuous improvement to enhance our quality, health, safety and environment;
  3. Assure the quality of products and services;
  4. Prepare the competent and professional organization and resources;
  5. Comply with the rules and regulations.

PT Patra Nusa Data consequently maintains and improves the quality of occupational Health, Safety & Environmental. With the implementation of this, PT Patra Nusa Data expects to create a condition where:

  • Improvement of efficiency and productivity in order to prevent / reduce the risk of accidents and occupational diseases through a systematic approach;
  • Cost efficient by minimizing the lost time of working due to accident, health decline and legal compensation;
  • Improve relations with the stakeholders concerned in health and property protection to employees, customers and partners;
  • Legal compliance requirements;
  • Improve the organization’s business reputation with the existence of an independent third party verification on recognized standards.

The Implementation of QHSE Management System which covers the entire organization consisting of the main business operations are:

  • Government Data Management (Physical Data Storage, Data Center, Building Management)
  • Geoscience Data Management


QHSE Performance PT Patra Nusa Data

QHSE performance from the entire organization of PT Patra Nusa Data is monitored every month.

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