PATRA NUSA DATA (PND) is government Data Management agency of Data and Information Technology Center for Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (PUSDATIN KESDM). Establish since 1997 to provide the value added information and knowledge for EP activity data management, licensing energy and mineral resources including multi client data collection, data processing and petroleum geoscience prospectivity evaluation.

As we are all aware, the availability data is the one of critical success factor in exploration and production activity. It can be used as input for objective and accountable decisions making.

Currently, over one million kilometers of 2D seismic data, forty thousand of 3D seismic data, more than twenty eight thousand well data, and over forty three thousand geological and geophysical evaluation report. There are physically and digitally managed in high quality data storage building. Easily found using our data management application system database called Inameta Platinum. It was designed on GIS (Geographic Information System) web portal information containing Indonesia Exploration & Production Data makes it on simple access, worldwide accessible, more easier and faster access for new ventures on Energy Industry.

PND integrated data management solution, named Inameta Plus. It was very large used by government and industry of energy and mineral resources for Better Decision Making to increase Production and Development Program.

The role and function of PND as information and data management provider is more and more apparent when the government decided to open new working areas. In order to accelerate exploration activity and investor, require an equal high quality data to participate in energy and mineral resources of Indonesia.

Our commitment is to provide sustainable high quality data management by continuously doing data enhancement and integrating all data availability. Up to date data management and petroleum geoscience technology were used to have a better regional prospectivity evaluation of new potential opportunity for investor. We are also pleased becoming reliable partner to provide geology and geophysical multi client data survey to meet the investor requirement.

We are delighted that INAMETA DATA MANAGEMENT becomes part of your smart solution to improve the exploration and production ratio of energy and mineral resources.


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