In order to support Good Corporate Governance (GCG) in the company, PT Patra Nusa Data (PND) has issued PND’s Personnel Ethical Conduct Book for every person in the company, which is a collection of commitment that related to Ethical Conduct that structured in order to affect, establish, organize, and perform appropriateness of behavior. The output with the issuance of this book is that the PND’s personnel behavior in accordance with the PND’s corporate culture to achieve the Vision and Mission.  

Corporate Values PT Patra Nusa Data

1.     Professional

Reliable in the business community and the environment since it has a high expertise and passion in the field as well as make occupational health and safety as a top priority.

2.     Amanah (Trustworthy)

Having integrity, high commitment and reliable in carrying out every company’s business activities.

3.     Synergy

Be proactive in cooperating with customers, business partners, communities, employees, and shareholders.


Fundamental Principles of Implementing PND’s Personnel Ethical Conduct

  1. This Ethical Conduct applies to all employees, including members of PND Directors and Management as personals in PND.
  2. Directors are responsible to ensure that this Ethical Conduct can be communicated, understood, and implemented, by all PND’s personnel.
  3. Directors and Management of new and old are required to attend training on PND’s Personnel Ethical Conduct.
  4. Directors and Management can ask questions about things in the PND's personnel Ethical Conduct which dubious and poorly understood to each superior and/ or team GCG & Integrity.

QHSE & Internal Audit Department (as the GCG & Integrity Team) defined as a function that supports the Board of Directors in order to:

a.     Facilitate the implementation of this company's personnel Ethical Conduct by PND.

b.     Monitor independently the implementation of the company's personnel Ethical Conduct.

c.      Do an investigation for violation/ deviation of PND’s personnel Ethical Conduct.

d.     Recommend sanctions for violations/ deviations from company personnel Ethical Behavior.


Reports of violations or alleged customers sent to the following address:

QHSE & Internal Audit Department (as the GCG & Integrity Team) PND

Taman Tekno BSD Sektor XI

Blok G2/1 Tangerang Selatan 15314

Phone: +62-21 – 7588 2510

Fax      : +62-21 – 7588 2511


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